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That Spooky Girl

A comic series on which  I am currently working.

This story takes many elements from the superhero and magical girls genres, mixed according to my taste. Despite its title, it is not that spooky and has an overall light-hearted tone.

The following chapters tell the adventures of Jana, an unlikely superhero who defends Prague and surroundings from a number of various threats and bizarre villains.

SEASON 2 - Kachny z kosmu (Ducks from Outer Space)

Even though the threat of the legendary creatures led by the goddess of winter is over, the heroes are facing serious troubles, as the government is cutting their public funds in favour of an outsourced private security service.
In this chaotic climate, villains and criminals are on the loose as never before. 
And to make things even worse, a terrible and improbable menace from the depth of space is quickly approaching Earth.

1. Jana v říši divů (Jana in Wonderland)

Originally posted on 17th June 2017


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 15


Jana is finally committed to complete her application for becoming an official superhero, but she finds out that the situation has drastically changed in the recent months.

Meanwhile, the White Rabbit gang is once again planning something fishy ...

2. Z vesmíru (From Space)

Originally posted on 5th July 2017


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 16


It seems to be a quiet evening for Jana, to the point that she agrees to help look for a lost cat. However, something dangerous from very far away is lurking in the shadows ...


3. Kněz (The Priest)

Originally posted on 7th August 2017


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 17


Jana and her friend Hanka are having a regular evening out, but a fanatic obsessed with religion and morality is going to spread panic among the party-goers. However, a new hero is ready to make his appearence to save the day ...


4. Krásna a nebezpečná (Beautiful and Dangerous)

Originally posted on 31st August 2017


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 18


A dangerous villain is spreading panic at Náplavka with his flame-thrower, but luckily Jana is close by to face him. However, much greater dangers are awaiting our hero ...


5. Noc v opeře (A Night at the Opera)

Originally posted on 25th September 2017


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 19


While Jana and her brother are busy with daily matters at home, Lenka is planning to enjoy an evening at the National Theatre for opera. However, her night out will not turn out as quite and pleasant as she expected ...


6. Noc v opeře (A Night at the Opera) - part 2

Originally posted on 26th November 2017


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 20


Whiskers Mask is fighting for his life against the Phantom of the Opera, who appears to be working for Bily Kralik. Lenka is watching him struggle from the gallery, but she does not seem to have any intention to help. Is that really the end for the feline defender of justice?


7. Zlato a stříbro (Gold and Silver)

Originally posted on 13th January 2018


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 21


After witnessing the powers of Golden Princess at the opera, Lenka has started following her in secret, in order to discover her secret identity and settle once and for all who is the real gold standard among Prague's magical girls.




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