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That Spooky Girl

A comic series on which  I am currently working.

This story takes many elements from the superhero and magical girls genres, mixed according to my taste. Despite its title, it is not that spooky and has an overall light-hearted tone.

The following chapters tell the adventures of Jana, an unlikely superhero who defends Prague and surroundings from a number of various threats and bizarre villains.

SEASON 1 - Zmrazené kytice (Frozen Bouquets)

After saving a magic pig, Jana's dream to help people becomes true as she turns into a superhero.

Together with other bizarre heroes and vigilantes,  she begins to defend the city of Prague from various threats, including the sudden appearance of dangerous creatures from the local folklore. 

What is really behind the supernatural activities that have recently started affecting the citizens' life? 

1. Vodník (The Water Goblin)

Originally posted on 9th March 2016


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 1


When the nice season comes and there is good weather, people in Prague love to have some drinks at Náplavka. However, a menace from the depths of the river Vtala will try to spoil such good times by threatening the entire city. If only there was a hero around ...

2. Polednice (The Noonday Witch)

Originally posted on 28th March 2016


That Spooky Girl - Chapter 2


No one likes when a good lunch is spoilt by noisy neighbours. However, things will escalate when a dad tries to frighten his child into good behaviour, but his fictional threat will become much more concrete than he has intended...

3. Radegast (The God of Hospitality)

Originally posted on 24th April 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 3


This time our hero will have to face a challenge that is quite different from the "usual" local threats, which will make her question her role as a superhero ...

4. Bohatýr (The Hero)

Originally posted on 16th July 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 4


What should have been a regular day of shopping for Jana turns into the encounter with another defender of justice. Things will get more chaotic when another individual with scary powers makes an appearance ...

5. Kočka leze dírou (The Cat Crawls Through the Hole)

Originally posted on 14th August 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 5


While Jana tries to help random citizens in danger, Whiskers Mask is investigating the mysterious drug known as "White Rabbit" and the person behind it ...

6. Dvojčata (The Twins)

Originally posted on 1st September 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 6


Jana has scheduled a fancy lunch with her friends today, but first she will have to face a series of misadventures, including the encounter with someone she should know ... 

7. Zlatý kolovrat (The Golden Spinning Wheel)

Originally posted on 28th September 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 7


Jana's day at the SPA  won't turn out to be that relaxing when some malevolent entities will try to prey on the young people there ... 

8. Kostěj nesmrtelný (Kostej the Deathless)

Originally posted on 4th November 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 8


The immortal scoundrel Kostěj is committed to carry out his evil plans, but he did not expected that some of the heroes would have been around Vyšehrad that very same day ...


9. Lešij (The Spirit of the Woodland)

Originally posted on 20th November 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 9


The heroes investigate on a series of cases of young people disappearing in the woods nearby the city, suspecting that behind them there is some supernatural activity ...


10. Čert a Jana (The Devil and Jana)

Originally posted on 7th December 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 10


After seeing their plans repeatedly foiled by the heroes, the villains decide to play their trump card, none other than an old devil ...


11. Sněhová královna (The Snow Queen)

Originally posted on 31st December 2016

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 11


Following the defeat of all of her trusted minions, the goddess of winter decides that it is time to take care by herself of the heroes, who will now have to face their most dangerous challenge to date ... 


12. Sněhová královna (The Snow Queen) - part 2

Originally posted on 15th January 2017

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 12


Facing hordes of evil snowmen that are haunting the frozen streets of Prague, Jana and all the other heroes are heading towards the giant ice palace that appeared next to the Castle, where the goddess of winter is waiting on her throne ... 


13. Sněhová královna (The Snow Queen) - part 3

Originally posted on 29th January 2017

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 13


Jana is finally facing the goddess of winter Morana inside the ice palace, while the other heroes are still busy with the King of Winter. The fate of the land is now entirely in their hands ... 


14. Sněhová královna: Pražské jaro (The Snow Queen: Prague Spring)

Originally posted on 20th February 2017

That Spooky Girl - Chapter 14


Season Finale: two rivals joining forces to defeat the greatest treath ever faced by their land ...




Just in case anyone was curious about the art material and sources I used. 




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