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That Spooky Girl

A comic series on which  I am currently working.

This story takes many elements from the superhero and magical girls genres, mixed according to my taste. Despite its title, it is not that spooky or edgy by any means.

The following chapters tell the adventures of Jana and her friends, an unlikely group of superheroes who defend Prague and surroundings from a number of various threats and bizarre villains.

SEASON 3 - Dark Light


Months have passed since the defeat of the Space Ducks and life has moved on for Jana, Lenka and all the others.

In the aftermath of the alien invasion, crime has kept rising, giving a hard time to professional heroes and unlicensed vigilantes. A high-tech company is proposing a solution to the problem, which may however turn out to be an even bigger threat ...

1. Night Time

Originally posted on 08.11.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 32


A regular night for heroes such as Jana and Whiskers Mask, patrolling the city and fighting crime while trying to live their own private life  ...

2. Brave New World

Originally posted on 08.11.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 33


After sharing many battlefields, Lenka and Jana have found themselves also sharing the same workplace, trying to keep their interactions less explosive as they used to be  ...

3. Metal Militia

Originally posted on 04.12.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 34


Whiskers Mask and the other heroes keep performing their "regular" duties, but something very unnatural is lurking in the shadows ...

4. A Touch of Evil

Originally posted on 12.12.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 35


Lenka receives a call from the White Rabbit, eager to commission a new underground job, but her intentions may be different this time ...

5. Die Roboter

Originally posted on 03.01.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 36


The police is facing the question whether to keep relying on professional superheroes or switching to crime-fighting robots for supports. To help take a decision, the top heroes have to prove with facts that they can compete with such cutting edge technology ...

6. A Real Hero

Originally posted on 16.02.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 37


More and more parties seem to be committed to enforce different version of justice, not only police and professional heroes but also regular people and recently even robots ...

7. The Birthday Massacre

Originally posted on 22.03.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 38


A familiar ruthless knight is on a hunt after the druglord known as the Sheik, and none in his gang is safe ...



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