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I have always loved comics and manga, from the stories with Disney characters (Mickey Mouse and the ducks of Carl Barks) to a variety of shonen and seinen series, going through some Italian crime and mystery stories and a few American superheroes issues.

Not happy with just reading them, since late childhood I have also tried to write and draw my own stories: from space operas with antropomorphic animals to James Bond inspired spy-action adventures, from my own unofficial Dragon Ball Z sequel to journey and battles among knights in a vague medieval setting.


Since 2016, I am regularly dedicating time and effort to create my own urban-fantasy universe, leading to the titles below.

That Spooky Girl

A comic series that takes many elements from the superhero and magical girls genres, mixed according to my fabulous taste. Despite its title, it is not that spooky and has an overall light-hearted tone.

The story tells the adventures of Jana and another bunch of unlikely superheroes who defend Prague from a number of various threats and bizarre villains.

Currently there are three completed seasons following that many main story arcs:

  1. Frozen Bouquetor Zmrazené Kytice in Czech, as it largely takes its inspiration from Slavic folklore and the almost eponymus collection of poems. It starts with a "monster of the week" structure, leading into a chilling - pun intended - epic finale.
  2. Ducks from Outer Space, which answers the question that surely many have asked themselves at least once in their life: what would happen if a race of ruthless and militaristic alien ducks ever tried to invade Earth?
  3. Dark Light, which follows more closely the development of the main cast, busy with dealing with both regular crime and a much more threatening artificial menace. However, the scariest enemy of all is the one that lies deep inside the soul.  



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