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That Spooky Girl

A comic series on which  I am currently working.

This story takes many elements from the superhero and magical girls genres, mixed according to my taste. Despite its title, it is not that spooky or edgy by any means.

The following chapters tell the adventures of Jana and her friends, an unlikely group of superheroes who defend Prague and surroundings from a number of various threats and bizarre villains.

SEASON 3 - Dark Light


Months have passed since the defeat of the Space Ducks and life has moved on for Jana, Lenka and all the others.

In the aftermath of the alien invasion, crime has kept rising, giving a hard time to professional heroes and unlicensed vigilantes. A high-tech company is proposing a solution to the problem, which may however turn out to be an even bigger threat ...

1. Counting Stars

Originally posted on 08.11.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 32


A regular night for heroes such as Jana and Whiskers Mask, patrolling the city and fighting crime while trying to live their own private life  ...

2. Brave New World

Originally posted on 08.11.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 33


After sharing many battlefields, Lenka and Jana have found themselves also sharing the same workplace, trying to keep their interactions less explosive as they used to be  ...

3. Metal Militia

Originally posted on 04.12.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 34


Whiskers Mask and the other heroes keep performing their "regular" duties, but something very unnatural is lurking in the shadows ...

4. A Touch of Evil

Originally posted on 12.12.2020


That Spooky Girl - chapter 35


Lenka receives a call from the White Rabbit, eager to commission a new underground job, but her intentions may be different this time ...

5. Die Roboter

Originally posted on 03.01.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 36


The police is facing the question whether to keep relying on professional superheroes or switching to crime-fighting robots for supports. To help take a decision, the top heroes have to prove with facts that they can compete with such cutting edge technology ...

6. A Real Hero

Originally posted on 16.02.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 37


More and more parties seem to be committed to enforce different version of justice, not only police and professional heroes but also regular people and recently even robots ...

7. The Birthday Massacre

Originally posted on 22.03.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 38


A familiar ruthless knight is on a hunt after the druglord known as the Sheik, and none in his gang is safe ...

8. Shot in the Dark

Originally posted on 28.04.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 39


On the same night, Jana is making some plans for the upcoming days, but a resurfacing menace from the past is going to thwart them...

9. Above the Law

Originally posted on 02.05.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 40


With one of them disappearing after being suspected of murdering criminals, the clock start ticking for the heroes to prove to the police and the public to be a reliable asset for law enforcement, especially with J2F knowing no bundaries to push their androids as a replacement ...

10. Awake

Originally posted on 11.06.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 41


After two days since Jana's abductions, her friends start being concerned about her disappearance. But what really happened to the fiery hero?

11. Angry Machines

Originally posted on 11.07.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 42


The joint operation between the police and the heroes to take down the Russian mobsters finally begins, but J2F had other plans in mind...

12. The Triumph of Steel

Originally posted on 27.08.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 43


J2F androids pose a tremendous threat for the heroes, who will receives and unexpected support. But J2F has still a trump card to play...

13. End of All Hope

Originally posted on 3.10.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 44


Metallic A5120 is a monster beyond imagination: will the team of survivors be able to overcome this terrifying obstacle?

14. Know Your Enemy

Originally posted on 29.12.2021


That Spooky Girl - chapter 45


In the middle of a strange garden, Jana is finally face to face with the mastermind behind the alien attack few months prior, the space ducks admiral Krasysquaen.

15. Into the Night

Originally posted on 18.2.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 46


In the aftermath of the brutal attack by the androids, both the surviving heroes and J2F are planning their next moves.

16. Runaway

Originally posted on 8.4.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 47


While Jana is still prisoner of the Space Duck far away from Earth, Whiskers Mask, Golden Princess and Heartthrob Priest are regrouping with the other heroes to launch the assault to J2F headquarter.

17. Vulgar Display of Power

Originally posted on 31.4.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 48


Captain Truth and Patriot Boy are approaching the police station with their prisoners, but the danger of J2F is still looming.

18. The Lord of Steel

Originally posted on 12.6.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 49


Following E-Fox's lead, the group of heroes is approaching J2F headquarters, unaware that the actions of Captain Truth have already alerted the enemy...

19. Fear of the Dark

Originally posted on 12.7.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 50


With the battle androids cornering the heroes, a glimpse of hope seems to come from unexpected places. But is it really a new hope?

20. Judas

Originally posted on 25.8.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 51


Not even the time to regroup from the tough battle with J2F androids and the heroes are forced to face off with their dark mirror image.

21. I'll Be There For You

Originally posted on 22.10.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 52

22. Sing the Sorrow

Originally posted on 16.11.2022


That Spooky Girl - chapter 53

23. Dance Macabre

Originally completed on 13.02.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 54

24. Love Will Tear Us Apart

Originally completed on 27.02.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 55

25. This Fire

Originally completed on 07.04.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 56

26. The End

Originally completed on 23.05.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 57

27. Fade to Black

Originally completed on 04.06.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 58

28. Scenes from a Memory

Originally completed on 18.07.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 59

29. Hold My Hand

Originally completed on 10.08.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 60

30. Out of the Dark, Into the Light

Originally completed on 20.10.2023


That Spooky Girl - chapter 61


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