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That Spooky Girl

A comic series on which  I am currently working.

This story takes many elements from the superhero and magical girls genres, mixed according to my taste. Despite its title, it is not that spooky and has an overall light-hearted tone.

The following chapters tell the adventures of Jana, an unlikely superhero who defends Prague and surroundings from a number of various threats and bizarre villains.

SEASON 1 - Zmrazené kytice (Frozen Bouquets)

After saving a magic pig, Jana's dream to help people becomes true as she turns into a superhero.

Together with other bizarre heroes and vigilantes,  she begins to defend the city of Prague from various threats, including the sudden appearance of dangerous creatures from the local folklore. 

What is really behind the supernatural activities that have recently started affecting the citizens' life? 

This first arc of the comic was essentially me jumping head first into writing and illustrating the story, which could be also seen as learning on the go.

Apart from the original artwork being a bit too sketchy at times, the drawings were not always well visible having been done only with pencils, and the dialogues needed to be brushed up, especially for characters that I had not yet entirely figured out in terms of writing - this without even counting that leitmotiv that is my hideous handwriting, which sometimes makes the reading process closer to decypher ancient glyphs. 

Therefore, I am currently in the process of polishing a little bit the panels of those original chapters, so that they are easier to read and more consistent with the general look that the comic has from the beginning of season 2 in terms of inking, page layout, etc., but without making any major changes to the artwork or the story itself, as it is natural that I have evolved as an artist throughout the years, since starting with this project in the spring of 2016.

But until the brushed up chapters are ready, below is a short illustrated summary of this part of the story, so that readers can catch up before moving to the following arc Ducks from Outer Space.


That Spooky Girl - Part 1: Frozen Bouquet
Summary of the introductory arc of the story, which sees Jana and the other heroes dealing with the mysterious outbreak of mosters from fairytales and folklore that has been spreading terror across Prague.
That Spooky Girl 1 - Frozen Bouquet (Sum[...]
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List of Chapters

  1. The Water Goblin (Vodník) - originally completed on 9th March 2016
  2. The Noonday Witch (Polednice) - originally completed on 28th March 2016
  3. Scary Monsters - originally completed on 24th April 2016
  4. I Need a Hero (Bohatýr) - originally completed on 16th July 2016
  5. The Cat Crawls Into the Hole (Kočka leze dírou) - originally completed on 14th August 2016
  6. Hungry Like the Wolf - originally completed on 1st September 2016
  7. The Golden Spinning Wheel (Zlatý kolovrat)  - originally completed on 28th September 2016
  8. Kostej the Deathless - originally completed on 4th November 2016
  9. The Forest Man (Lešij) - originally completed on 20th November 2016
  10. The Devil and Jana - originally completed on 7th December 2016
  11. The Snow Queen pt. 1 - originally completed on 31st December 2016
  12. The Snow Queen pt. 2 - originally completed on 15th January 2017
  13. The Snow Queen pt. 3 - originally completed on 29th January 2017
  14. The Snow Queen pt. 4 - Prague Spring - originally completed on 20th February 2017


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